Most Iconic Looks Of Madonna, Why She So Famous

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Han 29, 2023

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Madonna is a very popular American singer, songwriter and actress. She is 64, she looks gorgeous.

Why is Madonna so famous? 

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Madonna is one of the highly acknowledged in American music industry. Because of her teens appealed  contents, music she is so famous.

How many No 1 Has Madonna had?

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From the year of 1997, the total number of 17 No 1 singles Madonna sored yet.

What is Madonna's most successful song? 

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Madonna's one of the most famous song of all time is 'Like a Virgin' which was tops in 40 biggest hot hit singles on billboard.

Who has more hits Madonna or Taylor Swift?

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Madonna has 38 top 10 singles while Taylor Swift has 40 to 10 hits.

Who sold more records Whitney or Madonna? 

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Madonna has the tittle 'Best Selling female recording artist of all time' by Guinness World Record.

Is Madonna the greatest artist of all time?

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International authors told Madonna 'the greatest woman in the music as she also called 'q+Queen of Pop'.

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